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Check flight-A aims to ensure that new or probationary members follow correct aviation procedures when flying in Infinite Flight. To become a permanent member, pilots must reach Infinite Flight grade level 3 or above, complete FR-A, and complete a monitored check flight (this CF-A). Once these tasks are completed and passed, pilots become permanent members of airBaltic Virtual and are then authorized to progress through our ranks, in turn unlocking the ability to fly more aircraft and codeshares.

A score of 80% or above is needed to pass. If you fail your CF-A attempt, you will be eligible to retry it 3 days after you receive feedback on how to improve from an airBaltic Virtual staff member.


  1. Complete the flight EVRA (Riga International Airport) → EETN (Tallinn Airport) in the airBaltic BCS3 (A220-300) on the Expert Server (do not log a PIREP for this flight).​​

  2. Utilize the callsign format "Air Baltic" followed by your assigned member ID and "VA" (i.e. Air Baltic 900VA).

  3. Grading will be based on standard coherence regarding pushback, taxi, takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, landing, arrival, and ATC/Unicom communication. Details such as correct light usage, engine usage, flap usage, etc will also be factored into your grade.

  4. Upon completion of your check flight, click the button below, upload the replay of your flight to the website, and send your replay link to us via PM on the Infinite Flight Community @airbalticvirtual or email us at

  5. An airBaltic Virtual staff member will review your CF-A submission and evaluate it within 12 hours.

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